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Foundation Background
In 1979 the Collings Foundation was founded to support "living history" events involving transportation. Originally founded with the focus of automobiles, the foundation moved to aircraft as the need for quality aviation history exhibits grew...

Mission & Purpose
The Collings Foundation dedicates itself to preserving the machines that helped build the world and helped keep it free; displaying these machines to honor those who were influenced by them; and to educate future generations about them... 

Current News
Every week brings a new location and a new story to the Collings Foundation. Keep track of our progress here. Current information on schedule changes, government affairs, and restoration progress available.
Airshow Booking Information
Many Collings Foundation aircraft are available for airshows and special events yearly. Whether as part of a barnstorming tour, or as a dedicated event, find out how the Collings Foundation can bring history to you!
Contribute & Sponsor
To carry out its mission, The Collings Foundation requires support from persons and groups to help keep these magnificent machines operating in their original environments. In an era of dwindling supplies of parts and fuel shortages, this fact becomes painfully evident with each hour of operation...
Media Information
Information on the Collings Foundation and its activities in various formats. Media kits, press releases, and archived statements.
The driving force behind the Collings Foundation is our devoted volunteer base, however there are some that help keep the Foundation running in other ways.
Saving the best for last. Our volunteers truly make the Collings Foundation what it is, without them, we could not operate and further our mission. We truly appeciate their countless hours and time, tools, and talent to help "Keep 'em Flying"!

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