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Current Wings of Freedom Tour 2003 Schedule

Updated 25 June, 2003

The B-17 and B-24 are flying Eastbound through the mountain states and will be working their way to the Midwest.

Aircraft are available at each stop for walk-through tours and flight experiences. Gate opening and closing times may differ with location, please call ahead for definite times. Tours and flights may not be available due to weather and/or maintenance delays, so please call ahead.

WALKTHROUGH TOURS: $8.00 for Adults, $4.00 for Children Under 12.

FLIGHT EXPERIENCES: $400.00 Per Person for a 30-minute Flight Experience from start-up to shut-down.

For information on booking a flight experience at a given stop, please see our flight experiences section.

Please note that these are the only confirmed locations scheduled for 2003 at this point, more nationwide stops will be announced and posted as they are confirmed. To be notified of the latest schedule additions, please sign up for our free eNewsletter.

It's never too late to inquire about being a tour stop coordinator in your hometown. The rewards are great and you can help bring history to American cities and citizens.

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18-20 - Bremerton, WA - Bremerton National Airport
Location: Avian Flight Center
Contact: Jack & Cindy Brooke
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

20-23 - Seattle, WA - Boeing Field / King Co. Int'l Airport
Location: The Museum of Flight
Contact: The Museum of Flight
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

23-24 - Deer Park, WA - Deer Park Airport
Location: General Aviation Ramp
Contact: Penni Loomis
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

24-26 - Spokane, WA - Felts Field
Location: Felts Aviation
Contact: Scott Sanderson
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

26-27 - Boise, ID - Boise Air Terminal / Gowen Field
Location: Verde Aviation
Contact: Jerry Green
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

27-29 - Heber City, UT - Heber City Municipal Airport
Location: Heber Valley Aero Museum
Contact: Heber Valley Aero Museum - 435-657-1826
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

30-July 1 - Grand Junction, CO - Walker Field Airport
Location: West Star Aviation
Contact: Charlie Novinskie - Walker Field
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182


1-3 - Denver, CO (Broomfield) - Jeffco Airport
Location: Stevens Aviation
Contact: Kiowa Moore
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

3-6 - Kansas City, MO - Charles B. Wheeler Downtown
Location: Executive Beechcraft
Contact: Shane Wilson

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

6-8 - Cedar Rapids, IA - The Eastern Iowa Airport
Location: Piedmont Hawthorne
Contact: Brad Cunningham

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

8-10 - La Crosse, WI - La Crosse Municipal Airport
Location: Colgan Air Services
Contact: Jim Forst

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

10-13 - Minneapolis, MN (Blaine) - Anoka County Airport
Golden Wings Museum
Contact: Larry Bachman / Craig Schiller
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182 until June 28

13-15 - Alexandria, MN - Chandler Field Airport
Location: General Aviation Ramp
Contact: Dave Fjoslien

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

15-17 - Racine, WI - John H. Batten Airport
Location: General Aviation Ramp
Contact: Julie Shanahan

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

17-20 - Wheeling, IL (Chicago Area) - Palwaukee Municipal Airport
Location: 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant
Contact: Glenview Hangar One Foundation
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

21-22 - Holland, MI - Tulip City Airport
Location: Tulip City Air Service
Contact: Andy Van Slot
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

22-24 - Oscoda, MI - Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport
Location: GA Ramp (Former Wurtsmith AFB)
Contact: Yankee Air Force - Jim McLaughlin

For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

24-27 - Flint, MI - Bishop International Airport
Location: Flint Air Service
Contact: Dennis Meyer
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

27-29 - Lima, OH - Lima Allen County Airport
Location: Allen Co. Aviation
Contact: Bob Liddle
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

29-31 - Jeffersonville, IN (Louisville, KY area) - Clark Co. Airport
Location: HAPS Aerial Enterprises
Contact: Chris Quinn
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182


31-Aug 3 - Lexington, KY - Blue Grass Airport
Location: Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Contact: Steve Parker
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

3-5 - Bloomington, IN - Monroe County Airport
Location: Cook Aviation
Contact: Rex Hinkle
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

5-6 - Kokomo, IN - Kokomo Municipal Airport
Location: Flying Eagle Aviation
Contact: Dottie Crebo
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

6-8 - Auburn, IN - De Kalb County Airport
Location: Hoosier Warbirds
Contact: Niles Walton
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

8-10 - Ypsilanti, MI - Willow Run Airport
Location: Yankee Air Force Museum Airshow
Contact: Yankee Air Force
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182 (B-24 Rides ONLY)

More to come!

Upcoming Weekend Dates after August 10
Here are some already scheduled weekend events after our full schedule above. Many more dates will be added as they are confirmed to fill in the weekday stops.

Aug 22 - Aug 24 - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster Airport for the Lancaster Airport Community Days
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182

Sep 19 - Sep 21 - Nashua, NH
Boire Field - Daniel Webster College for Aviation Heritage Festival
For Rides Call - 978-562-9182



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