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Above photos by Mark Goldman
2/18-2/28 Maintenance Break
3/1-3/3 Leesburg, FL
(B-17, B-24 & P-51)
  Airport: Leesburg Intl. Airport
3/4-3/6 Tallahassee, FL
(B-17, B-24 & P-51)
  Airport: Tallahassee Regional Airport

Destin, FL
(B-17, B-24 & P-51)

  Airport: Destin-Ft.Walton Beach Airport
3/8-3/10 Pensacola, FL
(B-17, B-24 & P-51)
  Airport: Pensacola Intl. Airport
3/11-3/13 Hattiesburg, MS
(B-17, B-24 & P-51)
  Airport: Hattiesburg Municipal Airport
3/13-3/15 Alexandria, LA
(B-24, B-17 & P-51)
  Airport: Alexandria Intl. Airport
3/15-3/17 Tyler, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51, Me 262, Huey helicopter)
  Airport: Tyler Regional Airport
Location: Historic Aviation Memorial Museum


Denison, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51, Me 262, Huey Helicopter)
  Airport: North Texas Regional Airport
3/20-3/24 Dallas, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51,
Me 262 and Huey Helicopter)
  Airport: Dallas Love Field.
Location: Frontiers of Flight Museum
3/25-3/27 Denton, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51, Me 262 and Huey Helicopter)
  Airport: Denton Municipal Airport
3/27-3/29 Temple, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51 and Huey Helicopter)
  Airport: Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport
3/29-3/31 Austin, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51, Me 262 and Huey Helicopter)
  Airport: Austin-Berstrom Intl. Airport
4/1-4/3 Fort Worth, TX
(B-17, B-24, P-51 and Me 262)
  Airport: Fort Worth Meacham Intl. Airport
4/3-4/5 Lawton, OK
(B-17, B-24, P-51 and Me 262)
  Airport: Lawton Municipal Airport
4/5-4/7 Oklahoma City, OK
(B-17, B-24, P-51 and Me 262)
  Airport: Wiley Post Airport
  Upcoming Stops:
4/12-4/14 Scottsdale, AZ
(B-17, B-24, P-51 and Me 262) *Special
Me 262 debut
  Airport: Scottsdale Airport
4/19-4/21 Marana, AZ
(B-17, B-24, P-51)
  Airport: Marana Regional Airport
4/22-4/24 Palm Springs, CA
(B-17, B-24, P-51)
  Airport: Palm Springs Intl. Airport
5/3-5/5 Carlsbad, CA
(B-17, B-24, P-51)
  Airport: McClellan Palomar Airport
5/8-5/13 Santa Ana, CA
(B-17, B-24, P-51)
  Airport: Orange Co. John Wayne Airport
Location: Lyon Air Museum

*Dates and locations subject to change. Check our schedule online for most up-to-date information. Click on the location for a map and tour times. More dates will be up soon!


Monday February 18th, 2013

B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine 0 Nine"
Bomber Crew Camp

May 29th & 30th, Stockton California

Do you remember watching Twelve O'clock High or Memphis Belle?
Have your ever imagined what it would be like to train for - and fly - your own mission in the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine 0 Nine?" Always wanted to fire a .50 cal machine gun (blank firing) out of the B-17 waist gun position? The Collings Foundation will be offering a very unique two-day program in which you do just that! No doubt, this is one of the most amazing living history programs you will ever experience! Here you will learn what it takes to be a part of a real B-17 Bomber Crew! Space is limited. We are now accepting reservations. (If Twelve O'clock video does not appear CLICK HERE)

Base Location:
Stockton Municipal Airport / Stockton Field Aviation Museum Hangar,Stockton California.
Top Secret Classified Information. Crew will be issued mission and target objectives on completion of crew training.

$3,900 per person.
Includes accommodations and food for two nights, materials, ammunition, and support supplies. Trainees must arrange travel to hotel. Transportation to and from training facilities will be arranged. Age restrictions: 16 yrs. and older. 16 yrs. to 18yrs. has to be accompanied by legal adult guardian

Day One: Pre-Mission Training

* Basic outline of course and goals.
* WWII Heavy Bomber history, theatres of operation and primary missions.
* Identification of crew positions and duties.
* Crewmember orientation to essential equipment.
* Bombardier and turret training.
* Gunnery orientation.
* Target practice.

Day Two: Briefing and Mission Orders are Issued
* Refresher course / Q & A.
* Commanding Officer will brief the crew on the day's mission.
* Suit up and drive to the aircraft in bomb crew truck.
* Pre flight and further briefing on flight, mission and crew position.
* Load aircraft ordinance and prepare equipment.
* Fly the mission. - Hit the target and get back to base alive!
* Mission de-briefing.

Some details:
The crew will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express, Manteca. Crew must be checked in the night of May 28th. The program starts early AM on May 29th. Each crewmember will receive training materials, flight suit, eye and ear protection etc. Live rounds will be used at gunnery range and blanks will be used during the mission. Each crewmember will be issued: 50 rounds / 50 cal. blank, 10 rounds / 50 cal. live, 15 shot gun rounds, shotgun and targets. Additional ammo will be available for purchase at location. Mission flight time will be approximately 1 hour. 250 lb. dummy bombs will be dropped on a target from the B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine 0 Nine" (manufactured to original specifications). Crewmember performs a task in each position on an approximate 5-10 minute rotation.

Reservations and cancellations:
50% deposit is required on sign up. Deposit is non-refundable unless we have to cancel camp. (Reason for this: We have to purchase supplies and materials in advance). Space is limited. To make reservations for the B-17 Bomber Crew Training Camp call: 800.568.8924


Alles korrekt, los geht es !
("All is correct - Now lets go!" - Thanks to Herb for translation)

Collings Foundation's Me 262 "White 1" joining the National Wings of Freedom tour at select Wings of Freedom tour stops.

Unusual Attitude / Upset Training and Type Rating programs in this legendary jet now available.

The Collings Foundation’s Messerschmitt Me 262 “White 1” will be visiting several stops on the Wings of Freedom tour throughout 2013 for display and available for training and type rating flights. The first appearance will be at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum / Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in Texas, March 15 th to 17 th.

This world-class replica will be flying in from its current base at the Foundation’s Houston facility in Ellington Field. After the first stop in Tyler, we have plans to bring it to Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field then to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The official grand debut will be held at Scottsdale Airport on Friday, April 12 th. This stop is particularly significant as it is somewhat of a homecoming for this extraordinary venture. The late Judge Lou Werner who lived in the Scottsdale area started the Me 262 “White 1” project. Judge Werner had spent years invested in seeing this iconic jet aircraft take to the skies before donating the plane to the Collings Foundation in 2008. Judge Werner’s family will be on hand to see the plane in its most pristine condition flying in his memory.

For the first time in history, the Collings Foundation will be offering unusual attitude / upset training and type rating flight programs in the Me 262 at certain Wings of Freedom tour locations or the Foundation’s Houston facility. Certain pre-requisites exist to qualify. For more information and costs send email to: info@collingsfoundation.org
Me 262 photos from David Leininger.

Collings Foundation's Bell UH-1E Huey Helicopter will join the Wings of Freedom tour in Texas.

In Honor Of Our Vietnam Veterans ~
Flown by Medal of Honor recipient Stephen Pless, the well-known Huey helicopter will join the B-17, B-24, P-51 and Me 262 as the Wings of Freedom tour travels through Texas. The UH-1 Huey was one of the most successful heavy lift and troop transport helicopters ever used. It initially saw combat in Vietnam where its use as an infantry transport craft into the dense jungles made its type famous on television in some of the first news broadcasts from the battlefields. The basic design lasted long beyond Vietnam and is still in use by some National Guard and Reserve units.

Flights will be available at each location. A flight experience in this helicopter is downright fun and exhilarating! Flights in the Huey are $80 bench and $100 for the front. Reservations can be make at location or call the Foundation at 800-568-8924.

Help us bring the Wings of Freedom Tour to your town! Volunteers needed.

This amazing living history tour would not be possible without your participation and efforts of stop coordinators across the country. Nearly four million people will see these aircraft this year in over 110 cities across the United States. At every stop, the aircraft touch visitors in a very personal way. The tour provides a unique setting for older generations to communicate with younger ones. Oral histories of our veterans and citizens that were part of the World War II generation are passed on to the next generation. As symbols of American spirit and freedom, the B-17, B-24 and P-51 offer an educational lesson as they entertain. By allowing people to tour and fly in these majestic aircraft provides an important history lesson for those who see them and is an honor for us to remember and memorialize those veterans who gave their youth, energy, and even lives in the fight for freedom over sixty years ago.

We can only do this with your help. Think of the lives that will be touched and the stories that will be passed on. Remember that with each year, the job of the B-17, B-24 and P-51 becomes more and more important as we lose so many of our veterans of WWII to time and age. Much like a torchbearer in the Olympics, you will help carry the flame and pass it on as it moves from place to place. Your dedication to this task will keep the planes alive.

Please help by promoting the Tour's arrival and pitching in while the planes are at location. We have a great "media pack" containing small tour posters and information materials we can send you on request. Check the Wings of Freedom tour schedule if we are visiting a city near you. We need volunteers at these upcoming locations:

Alexandria, LA
Denison, TX
Temple, TX
Austin, TX
Ft. Worth, TX
Lawton, OK
Oklahoma City, OK

If interested in helping out at these or other Wings of Freedom tour stops contact Hunter Chaney at hchaney@collingsfoundation.org

(Photo above shows our long-time Boca Raton Stop Organizer and WWII Veteran Irwin Stovroff talking to students about the history of these planes and WWII)

Gifts, books, DVDs and more - for the aviation enthusiast! See our online PX Store. Shopping is very easy and secure. Looking for the ultimate gift for "the person that has everything"? Flight Certificates are a unique and exciting present for anyone. The Wings of Freedom tour visits over 110 cities all over the United States. Once your certificate arrives just check our stop schedule to see when the bombers are near you- then call us to reserve a seat. Check our web site for confirmed schedule and locations). Flight Certificates are a tax deductible donation! We also have a great selection of books, videos, DVD's, T-shirts, polos, toys, calendars, hats and much more.

F-4 E-Z build model. Great for all ages! Many to choose from. Click on picture for ordering information

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Picture of the B-24 from the cockpit of the P-51 Mustang "Betty Jane" as the tour goes back to New Smyrna for a short maintenance break. Check our Facebook page to see some great pictures and current goings-on! Click here
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