Realize, the Collings Foundation has been in operation from Stow, MA since 1979. We have spent this time putting together a world-class collection of historical aircraft, classic automobiles, military equipment and living history programs. We are not going to just pack up and move based on the opinions of a couple of people on the Stow Planning board - who have never been to any of our events. Think this is completely crazy? We encourage you to ask the Board of Selectmen what their intentions are.
selectmen@stow-ma.gov 978-897-4515

One of the many school groups that come to the Collings Foundation and Wings of Freedom tour to learn about WWII and the aircraft that helped push back the Axis forces. According to the Stow Planning board, this has nothing to do with our programs from the Stow facility. ...

B-17 Veteran and POW John Katsaros talks to people of all ages about his evading capture after being shot down and joining the French underground to assist the Allied forces in Europe. Again, Stow Planning board says this is not educational. ...

This is a picture of the Allied forces advancing on the German airfield during the Battle for the Airfield re-enactment. Three of the Planning Board members who say this is not educational - HAVE NEVER BEEN TO OUR WWII RE-ENACTMENTS. Not making this up. Call the town yourself. ...


2015 tour is now underway. You can see the schedule here.

Join Rob Collings on a flight experience! Click on links below to see videos.

B-17 Flight Experience Video
B-17 Flights – 30 Min. experience
$450 per person
(min 6 passengers / max 10 passengers)

B-24 Flight Experience Video
B-24 Flights – 30 Min. experience
$450 per person
(min 6 passengers / max 10 passengers)

B-25 Flights – 20 Min. experience
$400 per person
(min 4 passengers / max 7 passengers)

P-51 Flight Training Video
P-51C Flight Training
$2200 for a half hour of flight instruction
$3200 for a full hour of flight instruction

Majority of cost is a tax-deductible donation to a 501c3 educational non-profit.

To Reserve a Flight Experience Slot
Call 1-800-568-8924  or 978-562-9182

Over Sixty years ago they flew from bases far from home, over occupied and enemy territory in an attempt to weaken the forces of evil so that freedom could once again return to the people who it was stolen from. Their endurance was tested onmissions of ten or more hours, day after day; their strength was proven as they returned countless crews safely back to their bases. Crews counted on them and a bond was made between man and machine…

… Now they fly on missions that are quite different than those of so long ago. Their mission for today is to educate the world about our courageous World War II veterans and to remember those who have left us. These aircraft stand as tributes to their crews and fly on as living history to enlighten future generations.

The best way to relive this history is to take a once-in-a-lifetime flight on board the B-17, B-24 & P-51. The Collings Foundation is proud to offer our Flight Experiences on our Wings of Freedom Tour in over 110 cities annually.

Imagine yourself soaring on board the flagships of the USAAF Strategic Bombing fleet of WWII. Take your position in the crew and experience a taste of what it may have been like in WWII. Sit as bombardier, stand as waist gunner, monitor flight activity as a flight engineer would as you observe the pilots flying the mighty bombers. You can wander through the plane as you like.

Every flight helps to defray maintenance and operations costs for the aircraft that have reached over $4000 per operating hour per aircraft. Maintained to the highest standards and flown by highly experienced pilots, our aircraft safety standards are second to none.

A Flight Experience is an exciting and historic opportunity. The B-17, B-24 and B-25 have been known worldwide as the backbones of Allied airpower of WWII and now is your chance to fly aboard! Some of the questions you may have may be answered below.

What is a Flight Experience?

A Flight Experience on the B-17 Flying Fortress, the B-24 Liberator, or B-25 Mitchell is a 30 minute (start-up to shut-down) experience in flight aboard the aircraft at one of our 100+ locations we stop at per year. For both people with or without a pilots license – We also offer flight training in the world’s only full dual control P-51C Mustang fighter!

What is the cost?

Each 30-minute B-17 or B-24 Flight Experience is $450.00 per person (for B-17 & B-24). 30-minute B-25 flights are $400.00 per person  (check schedule for B-25 at select locations).

P-51C Mustang flights: 30- minute P-51 flights are $2200 and one hour is $3200. This is the world’s only full dual control P-51C Mustang! You have an opportunity to get flight instruction in this very rare fighter aircraft.

How many people can the planes hold?

A B-17 or B-24 bomber flight must have a minimum of 6 riders to be dispatched and a maximum of 10 riders. The B-25 must have a minimum of 4 riders and a maximum of 7 riders. A flight cannot be confirmed until the minimum amount of riders is reached. The
P-51 has one seat for the pilot and one for the trainee.

How can I schedule a flight?

Please review our schedule online. You should call us at 800-568-8924 in advance of the visit to schedule a spot on an upcoming flight at a given location. Most flights occur in the early morning before 9 am or later in the afternoon near 5 pm. Flexibility is key to scheduling a flight as weather and passenger loads may change. If you call and are given a voice mail recording, please leave contact information and the coordinator will get back to you as soon as they can.

I would like to give a flight in the upcoming year as a gift, how can I do this?

A flight certificate can be purchased from the Collings Foundation online store. These high-quality certificates are perfect for gifts and special occasions. Flight certificates can be used for any flight at any location, however you will still need to call to schedule a spot on a flight at a location. Please visit our online PX for ordering info.

What is the sequence for each flight?

Upon Arrival:
Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled flight time to get acquainted with the aircraft and crew. You will be asked to fill out a form and pay at this time as well.
Your flight engineer for the flight will discuss aircraft safety with you and the other riders beside the aircraft 20 min prior to engine start. All seating and flight procedures will be discussed at that time. You will then be taken aboard the aircraft and seat-belted for takeoff. All passengers must be seated and secured for engine start, taxi, and takeoff.
In Flight:
Once the aircraft is airborne, you will be allowed to walk about the aircraft as you like. Take this time to visit the various compartments of the aircraft like the nose, cockpit, waist, and tail sections. Explore as much as you like and feel free to take pictures and video. You will be allowed into the cockpit section during the flight to observe the pilots, but will not be allowed to sit at the controls or interfere with the pilots during the flight.
A signal will be given to secure yourself for landing. All passengers must be seated and secure for landing, taxi, and engine shutdown. The flight engineer will help you exit the aircraft after shutdown and securing the aircraft.

What should I bring or wear?

Please try not to bring baggage of any type onboard as space is tight. Cameras and camcorders are allowed. Smaller snapshot cameras tend to work best as the tight spaces may be difficult for larger 35 mm cameras and equipment. We are sorry, but the Collings Foundation is not responsible for the loss or damage of items such as cameras in flight. You may consider bringing foam ear plugs for hearing protection as the flight is quite noisy. The aircraft can be drafty at times, so you may consider bringing a light jacket or sweatshirt for the flight.

For any other questions, please contact the Collings Foundation (click here for contact information)

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