-1909 Bleriot
-PT-17 Stearman
-AT-6F Texan
-TBM Avenger
-F4U-5NL Corsair
-FI-156 Storch
-UC-78 Bobcat
-B-25J Mitchell
-B-17 Flying Fortress
-B-24 Liberator
-P-51 Mustang

-Me 262 Schwalbe
-S-2F Tracker
-T-33 Shooting Star
-UH-1E Huey
-F-4D Phantom

-TA-4J Skyhawk
-F-100F Super Sabre
-A-1E Skyraider
-FM-2 Wildcat

-Wright Vin Fiz (Repl.)
-T-33 Shooting Star

-F6F 3-N Hellcat
-A-26 Invader
-Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8

The Collings Foundation is proud to announce the addition of the Me 262 to its collection of aircraft. The Me 262 will be joining The Wings of Freedom Tour with the B-17, B-24 and P-51 at select locations in 2013.

Willy Messerschmitt introduced the world to a whole new concept of cutting edge technology through the development of the first operational jet fighter, the Me-262. 60 years after the birth of the Me 262, the influence of this revolutionary jet can still be seen in contemporary aircraft. Swept wings, automatic slats, modular construction are all examples of technology introduced through the Me 262. More than any aircraft of its day, the 262 was a fighter of absolutely unrivalled potential. Full production of the Me 262 did not start until 1944, too late to affect the outcome of the war.

Me 262 Werk Number 501241 was a project that was started by Texas Aircraft Factory Inc. in conjunction with Classic Fighter Industries Inc and completed by the Me 262 Project in Everett, WA. It first flew on December 20th, 2002. It is a Me 262 B-1c which is the 2-seat version of the Me 262. We currently offer Unusual Attitude / Upset training flights and Type Rating. Flights are made from our Houston, Texas facility. Multiengine pilot license with current 3rd class medical required.
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