-1909 Bleriot
-PT-17 Stearman
-AT-6F Texan
-TBM Avenger
-F4U-5NL Corsair
-FI-156 Storch
-UC-78 Bobcat
-B-25J Mitchell
-B-17 Flying Fortress
-B-24 Liberator
-P-51 Mustang
-Me 262 Schwalbe
-S-2F Tracker
-T-33 Shooting Star
-UH-1E Huey
-F-4D Phantom

-TA-4J Skyhawk
-F-100F Super Sabre
-A-1E Skyraider
-FM-2 Wildcat

-Wright Vin Fiz (Repl.)
-T-33 Shooting Star

-F6F 3-N Hellcat
-A-26 Invader
-Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8


The Collings Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of the world’s only dual control P-51C Mustang to our WWII aircraft collection. The P-51 is arguably the greatest fighter aircraft ever produced, certainly the most recognizable and legendary of the Second World War. Today there are less than five of the early B/C models left flying. The "C" model is easily recognizable by it's “razorback” configuration as opposed to the P-51D with its “bubble canopy” that came out later in the war.

During the war several of the razorback Mustangs were modified in the field to carry a passenger in a second cockpit just behind the pilot. These former fighter aircraft were used as a high speed transport and gave the Mustang pilot the ability to share the joy of flying the world’s greatest fighter with their trusted ground crews. One of the most famous of these modified two seat fighters was used by Dwight Eisenhower and was named “The Stars Look Down”. Ike rode in the back seat of that Mustang over the beaches of Normandy to direct the invasion during D-Day. Today you can fly in the famed Mustang just like Ike!

The Collings Foundation will be offering flight training in the world’s only fully dual control P-51C. Participants can actually fly the Mustang on half hour or hour long introductory flights. Special training flights allow a true once in a lifetime opportunity to fly the most recognizable fighters from WWII. To see or fly in “Betty Jane” check our tour schedule for select locations.


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