-1909 Bleriot
-PT-17 Stearman
-AT-6F Texan
-TBM Avenger
-F4U-5NL Corsair
-FI-156 Storch
-UC-78 Bobcat
-B-25J Mitchell
-B-17 Flying Fortress
-B-24 Liberator
-P-51 Mustang

-Me 262 Schwalbe
-S-2F Tracker
-T-33 Shooting Star
-UH-1E Huey
-F-4D Phantom

-TA-4J Skyhawk
-F-100F Super Sabre
-A-1E Skyraider
-FM-2 Wildcat

-Wright Vin Fiz (Repl.)
-T-33 Shooting Star

-F6F 3-N Hellcat
-A-26 Invader
-Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8


Courtesy of i-ota Panometrics Technical Imaging.

The Collings Foundation’s B-24J is the only restored flying B-24J in the world. Initially, when we restored it in 1989, we honored the 15th A.F. in Italy with the selection of the ALL AMERICAN-a very distinguished A/C with a record of having shot down 14 enemy fighters on a single mission (only two B-24’s came back out of a squadron of 19). Then we selected the DRAGON & HIS TAIL, probably WWII’s most extensive nose art, to honor and represent the WWII veterans who served in the Pacific.

Now, it’s time to honor the 8th Air Force and all who served in England and in the ETO. We have selected “WITCHCRAFT”, a B-24 assigned to the 467BG, 790BS that compiled an amazing record of 130 combat missions. WITCHCRAFT is an olive drab aircraft, with red and white nose bowls, red and white rudders, 130 bomb markings and a cartoonish witch flying a machine gun as nose art. All the names of our Dedicated Crew, Lead Crew, Plane Sponsors and DFC Members will be proudly displayed on the co-pilot’s side of the aircraft. Honor Crew and aircraft names will continue to be on the bomb bay doors.

We’re very pleased that we have been able to keep this B-24J flying and look forward to continuing to honor our American Veterans.

America's only flying B-24J continues soaring through its native skies as part of the annual Wings of Freedom Tour with its sister ship, the B-17 Flying Fortress. A product of a multi-million dollar restoration, the B-24 stands testiment to the strength of the 1940's engineering that built it and helped it survive through many years of hardship.

A living history museum seen at over 120 cities per year, the B-24 brings memories for the many who flew others like it during WWII. For a younger generation, it brings enlightenment--a glimpse of the conditions in which it served, and an appreciation for the freedom we all share because of its role in the Second World War.

Its guns are long silent as the new mission it flies finds it over no enemy lands. Instead the Pratt & Whitney R-1830 engines roar over welcoming cities and enthusiastic towns. Each stop the B-24 and B-17 make brings more stories and more experiences that promote the mission that they fly for: honoring our veterans who served and in many cases, gave their life for our freedom.

You can find the B-24 with the B-17 all over the nation and there is a good chance that a stop may be happening near you! Check our schedule for a chance to visit and maybe even fly on the B-24 Liberator!

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