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Just received word that the Wings of Freedom tour is now in route to our first stop on national tour - Pensacola, Florida. Then onward to over 110 cities across the country! We now have the opportunity to sign up for flights on our website. Hope you can fly with us! ...

youtu.be/hVX11-QKRjoOne of the last surviving WWII tank gunners was surprised Wednesday with a ride on top of a Sherman tank through the streets of Boston. 95-year-old Clarence ... ...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=n54cg4e4Uxs&feature=youtu.beJack Hallett flew just about every model of fighter the US Army Air Corps had during WWII. In his late 90's the P-51 Mustang still eluded him, until The Coll... ...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjZxEgX-aiA&feature=youtu.beWWII Veteran Jack Hallet flies "Toulouse Nuts", the Collings Foundation's North American TF-51D Mustang. The flight was on 2-12-2019 from Leesburg, FL to New... ...

The American Heritage Museum will open to the public around late April, 2019. School / group tours and special events available now. Call for scheduling: 800-568-8924

Entrance into the AHM Museum

The American Heritage Museum (AHM) is housed in a 70,000+ square foot facility located at the Collings Foundation’s headquarters in Stow, Massachusetts. The concept of the American Heritage Museum began when the Foundation was selected to receive the massive collection of tanks, armored vehicles and military artifacts from the family of Jacques M. Littlefield in 2013. This amazing collection combined with additional rare artifacts and exhibits from the Collings Foundation make up one of the most extraordinary museums of military history in the world.

Gulf War exhibit featuring a SCUD missile / launcher, T-55A tank, 2S1 self propelled gun.

Receiving this historically important and extensive collection was a tremendous honor for the Collings Foundation. Exhibiting these artifacts in the most meaningful way possible is our duty. We designed the new American Heritage Museum to fully engage people in understanding our turbulent past. In this remarkable place, American history will be explored, studied, and most of all, remembered. Through educational interpretation, and a chronologically arranged series of dioramas and exhibits, the American Heritage Museum will bring the history of our veterans to life.

Clash of Steel Exhibit featuring the rare Panther A and T-34/85 tanks

The American Heritage Museum features the  immersive WWI Trench Experience. The setting of this exhibit is the bleak, frightening, battle-torn landscape of Saint-Mihiel. The battle of Saint-Mihiel was a major WWI clash fought from September 12th to 15th, 1918. It was the first battle to involve the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) led by General John J. Pershing of the United States. The attack at Saint-Mihiel was part of the plan by Pershing to have the Americans break through the heavily trenched and fortified German lines and capture the city of Metz. It was the first offensive launched primarily by the United States Army. Visitors explore the trench’s harrowing environment as a seven-minute presentation unfolds.

AHM features of the rarest historical artifacts in the world. These include an American WWI tank, Kommandogerät 40 (WWII German rangefinder and mechanical analog computer for directing anti-aircraft guns) a Higgins Boat that survived D-day, an LVT-(A)4 that survived the Pacific battles, a Panther tank, a German Sd.Kfz.222 reconnaissance vehicle, an IS-2 tank, an Me 109 fighter, a Scud B missile and launcher, an original section of the Berlin wall and many other unique pieces.

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