PT-19A Restoration

Recently, the Collings Foundation acquired the last known remaining PT-19A used to train Tuskegee pilots (Serial number 9504AE, 43-31512) and will restore it to flying condition. It appears, from the records, that this aircraft was manufactured by Aeronca, Middletown OH and delivered to the USAAF on February 6th, 1944. It was assigned to the Primary Pilot Training School, Tuskegee AAF AL on February 12th, 1944. The restoration project is from nose to tail including meticulous work on the fuselage, engine, panels, trim tabs, brakes, accessories, oil tanks, beams and on. Restoring such an important aircraft as this is very expensive. The only way we can accomplish such a task is through your support and donations. All the aircraft we restore and operate in honor of our history and veterans are made possible by contributions, flying with us, membership and sponsorships. We hope you will pitch in!