September 26, 2017

The American Heritage Museum at the Collings Foundation is finally taking shape on the Stow / Hudson, MA line after many years of planning and development – as we move forward with a projected late 2018 opening.

November 18, 2016

The Wings of Freedom tour crew is comprised of an amazing and dedicated group of people. Pre-flight experience briefings from the crew are always captivating and suspenseful. Just inside the waist door of the B-17 is a hand hold. You have to look for it on the top leading edge. The medal is smooth and […]

December 23, 2015

P-38L-5-LO “44-53186” was one of a hundred thousand plus aircraft ordered in fiscal 1944 by the U.S. War Department. The P-38 design had been improving rapidly as this aircraft was being assembled in 1945. 44-53186 would be born as an “L dash 5” P-38, considered the best and most capable of the fighter P-38 variants. […]

The Last Liberator

The Last Liberator is a multi-platform educational program anchored by an adrenaline pumping 40-minute film brought to life through the most powerful medium in the world - the giant format theater screen. We are looking for your support to help bring this film to the nation. See: www.thelastliberator.com

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