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Come on out to meet the chieftain and pick up an autographed copy of his book “Canopeners”.The core of which is the old MVTF or the Littlefield Collection, now under the care of the Collings Foundation Taken three days before swarms of people come ... ...

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Collings Foundation

Wings of Freedom Tour Update: Wednesday, October 3 @ 1:30pm - Due to ongoing poor weather at Glens Falls, NY and Norwood, MA, the Wings of Freedom Tour will not be arriving to the Warren County Airport in Glens Falls for 2018 and we are in the process of calling all flight experience participants on the cancellation. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but weather is something we cannot control. Weather permitting, the Wings of Freedom Tour will be making the move to Westchester Co. Airport in White Plains, NY tomorrow afternoon as soon as weather clears at the departure airports. www.collingsfoundation.org/event/white-plains-ny-b-17-b-24-p-51/ ...

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Collings Foundation

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the B-17 engine change fund - "Nine-O-Nine" is now back in the air! 104 people pitched in to help the effort, raising $17,429 to put toward the tremendous cost and delays. The entire staff of the Collings Foundation and crew of the Wings of Freedom Tour thank you for your generosity and help! ...

Stow, MA Staff

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Co-Founder of the Collings Foundation

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Chief Executive Officer and Chief Pilot

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Director of Marketing

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