The Stow, MA headquarters are without power, phone and internet because of the winter storm. Some limited e-mail until everything else gets restored. ...

IS-2 tank (only one in western hemisphere) 122mm cannon mated with the turret. ...

Wings of Freedom Tour headed to Panama City from Dothan, AL today. ETA right around 1:45 PM. If you are in the area hope you can catch our arrival. (Picture - B-24 and B-17 Veterans flying in Witchcraft) ...

Message from the road~

We have just concluded the first stop of our National tour with several flights in the perfect weather here at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville. Now, it's time to head out to the rest of the county!

Just a heads up, we're coming to Dothan Alabama tomorrow, on Wednesday we'll see you in Panama City, & on Friday we will begin a fantastic weekend in Destin Florida! After that, we're heading off to Hattiesburg Mississippi and Natchitoches Louisianna before spending a few weeks in Texas.

I know lots of people haven't seen their part of the country listed yet on the schedule, but don't worry more cities will be added soon!

I sincerely hope to see you out there, so please stop by to say hi, tour the planes, & maybe even treat yourself to a flight on one of the warbirds 😉

See you soon!!

Jamie 'B-25' Mitchell
WoF Coordinator

Photo of Mustang Pilot David Vopat by volunteer Steve Arnold
...That's me in the back, but it should be you! So live the dream & come fly with us!!

Wings of Freedom Tour headed to Jacksonville, FL / Cecil field today. Landing around 2 PM. We are looking forward to meeting Mr. George Stallings Jr. - WWII B-24 flight instructor - 99 years old! George and other WWII Vets will be on hand welcoming the tour to town. ...

Donation: $2500.00
Benefits: Name, Bomb Group, Bomb Squadron placed in DFC Section on aircraft; Opportunity for a two between-cities flight experiences with a guest.

As a Distinguished Flying Command member, you will be part of a very appreciated group of members that help keep the aircraft operating for future generations. Your donation helps keep the day-to-day operations costs down, leaving more for continued restoration and heavy maintenance that becomes needed with age. Being a Distinguished Flying Command member carries a great set of privilages that also benefit. You will have your name placed in the DFC section of either the B-17 or B-24 (bomb bay doors of the B-17, or rear fuselage of the B-24) along with your bomb group (if applicable) and squadron (if applicable). Memorial names in place of the donor name are also available and encouraged to honor a loved one. In addition, DFC members are also allowed the chance to fly as our guest on one city-to-city flight with a guest as part of their contribution.

The Distinguished Flying Command section is always a frequently visited memorial at our aircraft. The names are read by millions who visit the aircraft and many times there are names of friends, fellow servicemen, and crew that are recognized. Many times this leads to a reunion that will bring people together. For loved ones who have passed on, their names will continue to fly with the aircraft for many years as memorial and honor to their life and their service protecting the freedom that is so precious.

There are many ways of donating to become a Distingushed Flying Command member, one for every budget. You can donate in one sum or as an installment over a term (please note that privilages begin once half the total is paid and a consistant plan is arranged). You may also apply up to 2 past flight experiences to your total as well. We also accept donations of appreciated stock to apply toward a DFC membership. For an easy single online transaction click here. Once we recieve your information we will call you to confirm and – most certainly – with a big thank you!

Click here to Contact the Collings Foundation about Sponsorship and Membership

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